E for Escalator #AtoZchallenge

Boy stalks girl, Boy follows girl, Boy makes unwanted advances, Boy confesses his love. One day girl falls in love too and they live happily ever after. so many stories have been told like that. my story is one such, which waits for its happily ever after


The story has been published as part of my book available on Amazon

22 thoughts on “E for Escalator #AtoZchallenge

  1. Such an unfortunate reality of our country. And Bollywood movies need to stop glorifying stalking. I recently saw a Tamil movie Vedalam which addressed this issue. More movies need to do this!

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    1. True Lata, I understand that movies are for fun and don’t have a moral responsibility, people should be matured enough to understand that, but that does not take away the fact that it is ok to glorify and send wrong messages. It is not ok if a girl is teased or harassed or stalked it is not a funny thing at all

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    1. Thanks Cheryl, yes it is sad but there are times when the attention becomes so toxic and my greatest regret is that there are some mainstream movies which show this eve teasing in a glorified way. That sends a very very message

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  2. We need to stop this like right now…this is a true but such a false future we are diving into…we need to adress this issue more seriosuly i had a friend who did suicide because of this!!!


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    1. Omg Richa that is heart breaking, it is true , it is a menace and all of us face it. I remember how harassed i used to feel in my college days. And on top of that I hate that some movies just glorify this act of eve teasing. As if a girl is supposed to happily marry a guy who doesnt respect women and objectifies them. I am truly sorry to hear about your friend , it is a sad world


  3. by the time i finish your story , i have actually forgotten about it . all i m thinking about is your vivid imagination. kudos to your brain and deep thoughts.

    i loved the story, especially the imaginative acceptance from esha in the mall. you nailed it. i kept wonder huh!? really..
    i love the climax in your story.

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  4. So glad the story ended with Esha taking a stand to follow her dreams. I was on d verge of disappointment when she went to Kedarnath to tell him she’ll marry him😄. As usual, great storytelling 👍


  5. Yay. That’s right, Esha. Follow your dreams. I was a bit stunned when I read that she’d accepted him but it turned out that the guy’s crazy. Good for her that she’s moving to Delhi! Great story!


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