M for Mirror #AtoZchallenge

Meera was a very good employee and loved her job. She went and had a baby, she had not expected that when she came back she will reflect as another person unto others.


The story has been published as part of my book available on Amazon

10 thoughts on “M for Mirror #AtoZchallenge

  1. I loved the read but frankly, in my opinion it is difficult to work with new mom’s.
    I have experienced the flip-side of it.Very efficient women are not available when they are needed in crucial times, this becomes difficult at times.
    And it feels wrong to demand that extra time from them when we know that the employee is already busy at home and work and again to stress her about work is a hard decision

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    1. Yes I can understand what you are saying and that surely must be true too in cases and certain situations . And it may be that you have to give them that leeway too, But having said that, there are many women who extra hard too to fill up for the gaps, it is a diff time in their lives but that shudnt make them less valuable is all i mean. And specially i have personally faced this in interviews, they seem to think i will be inacapable as i have a baby, whereas i have worked with all my might in my role even with a baby. But the value is lesser for mom employees many of the times


  2. Beautiful story and true to reality! Once you are a mom, people expect you to do and not to do many things. As long as you know and genuinely happy for what you are doing, there is no need to care!


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