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Review of Sipahh – Milk Flavouring Straws

Milkshake in a Straw – SipahhAs the name says, it truly is an Ahh! I just discovered the best and easiest way to make milkshakes and am going to share it with you.

Say hello to Sipahh! A unique milk flavoring straw from Australia, which has less than ½ tsp of sugar in each serving. All this time, I had been adding various milk flavoring powders to my milk to make it tasty and was consuming loads of sugar with it, now I can just use Sipahh instead. Amazing isn’t it?

Recently, I was sent this amazing box of milk flavoring straws in 5 different flavours and trust me I have been bowled over. It is tasty, healthy, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, with less than ½ tsp of sugar in each serving and is a super fun way to make milk interesting. AND, my baby absolutely loved it. He has been asking for ‘Malk’ ever since he had these. 😊

What is it ? 

It is a straw filled with flavored beads. Each straw is filled with these colorful balls which imparts a unique flavor to your everyday milk and makes it tastier for your kids. As you sip, the pellets inside the straw dissolve and infuse a tasty flavor into your milk. Here are some of the things to note: 

. The straws are filled with flavored beads

. These can be used with reduced fat dairy milk, soy milk or any other milk alternative

. These can be used with both room temperature and cold milk

. 250 ml serving of milk with this straw has less than ½ tsp of sugar

. It comes in various flavors; thus there is a whole variety of tastes to choose from, my personal favorite being Lamington Dreams

. All these flavors have a very subtle taste. They enhance and don’t overpower the taste of milk.

. Each straw is made of stiff plastic, with a mesh on both sides through which the milk passes.

. Each straw can be used one time only

.These are gluten-free

. Excellent for kids who may be fussy about drinking milk normally

. Adult supervision is recommended

What I liked best ? 

Apart from the fact that it makes the milk tasty and flavorsome without having to add the sugar loaded flavoring agents, there are a couple more things I liked.

  • It is so much easier and mess-free. No adding, swirling, or shaking it up in a blender. You can just plop the straw into the glass of milk for your child and sit back while they slurp up the milky goodness. Lazy Mom Win 😆
  • It is lower in sugar than the other widely available ready-to-drink flavored milks and flavored syrups.
  • It is as flavorsome for an adult as for a kid, so yeah, even you can enjoy your glass of milk with some flavor without worrying about extra sugar.
  • Lastly, it is a milkshake in a straw, what more can I say? 😊

My baby liked it so much that he did a little dance upon drinking it, and kept coming back for more. He kept saying ‘Nam Nam’, which means ‘super tasty’ in baby language.😄

Here’s a link to the video I made of him drinking it :

So let your kids enjoy the Sipahh flavoured milk and let the goodness of milk fulfill their nutritional needs too.

Review of Carter’s Baby dresses : Baby boy fashions 

Here is a review and picture of my recent puchases from  @carters from @firstcryindia. Two  sets  of 2 piece Top & Shortalls with dungaree style straps, and 2 tshirts, perfect for the summers and a very bright and cute prints. These pieces are Cotton & Machine Washable, I always prefer machine washables as I really hate the hassle of hand wash or dry cleaning required clothes and baby A’s clothes need a wash every time he wears them. 

The one pictured below is the Dark blue & Yellow 2 piece Top & Shortall

The top is very bright and adorable and the metal buttons on the shortalls look very good. The print is adorable with small airplanes on it. Both the dungarees are very easy to use as there are romper style buttons for a quick diaper change and you don’t have to open the whole dress for a diaper change. One of the reasons I avoid dungarees during travel or while going out is the problem of diaper change. But these two are pretty easy to use. And dungarees look so cute.

It is very comfortable too for baby A. 

I loved boths  sets and it looks adorable on baby 

⏺ Top 100% Cotton

⏺ Shortalls 100% Terry Cotton

⏺ Metal Buttons

⏺ Pants have romper style buttons for easy diaper change

⏺ Dungarees style straps

⏺ Machine Washable

The model was not very willing to pose as he had other things to do; namely chewing on bad quality plastic water bottles. The ones I have a habit of collecting whenever I fly or visit a hotel. I have quite a collection of such bottles. And baby A knows where they are kept and takes them out to chew on regularly, as he has yanked off that drawer’s child latch already. Featured here are two such bottles; One is from Madarin Hotel Singapore another one is from the closed Kingfisher Airlines i think 🤔. Well, from ensuring that I only use BPA free containers for him; when at all i have to use them, to not caring if he eats crap as long as it is not actual crap. I am rocking my average mom journey. Parenting fail 😂

Along with these I also bought two t shirts for the tiny tyke. Both cotton and have very cute designs.

The material is very good on both and these two are machine washable too.

It is really hard for me to buy cute clothes for baby A, not many brands cater to this need, whereas it is pretty easy to buy clothes for girls. Carter’s is thus my highly favourite brand given that it has a lot of adorable designs and their quality is superb. 

Nothing but the best for the baby, right? Also keep a lookout for discounts, I bought these from with a pretty decent discount. Carter’s is available on Firstcry site 

Going out ; how it looks like post a baby & Review of Fisher Price High Chair 

Review of Fisher Price High chair and the scenes of evenings out after baby

What do your evenings look like after becoming a mom? These are our Weekend scenes. After a tiring day my little moppet fell asleep during dinner. Life sure has changed in the last year and a half for us.

 Dinners out are way different than what they used to be. There are no more relaxing conversations over some yummy food, rather, now it is trying to keep the toddler engaged and happy. Though the second part is pretty easy as baby A is very happy to go out. He enjoys it a lot. But keeping him engaged is another thing.

 Also having a super active toddler around means that we never ever travel without our high chair. Most restaurants have high chairs available, and I make it a point to call ahead and ask that. If they dont provide one, we carry ours along. 

I have been using the @fisherprice 4 In 1 High chair and it is one more thing I am happy to have bought. It converts into a portable high chair which is very easy to carry along in our car. Without a high chair, we cannot hope to dine out with baby A.  I really like this chair as 

  1. It has 4 features, 
  2. can be used as a high chair 
  3. a booster seat, which is portable and easy to carry
  4. later on this can be used as a table and chair for the toddler to sit and read at
  5. The tray is large 
  6. The fabric part comes off easily and is machine washable
  7. It is very sturdy, trust me, baby A shakes and  behaves like a mini tornado at times, while sitting on it but he is unable to budge it a bit 
  8. You can see the pic below, and it is available on @amazonindia

Here is the link;

The second challenge is keeping all the cutlery away from him and also hiding all types of glasses from him. He is in that phase where he wants to imitate all of the things that we do, and thus refuses to drink water from his sippy cup and insists on drinking it from our tumblers. He is getting very good at it too. Eating with a spoon is a little distant yet though, thus we end up having a lot of spilled food around 🙈. He does not let us feed him and has to do it on his own. Thus Eating doesn’t happen that much. 

There are a couple of things I ensure to do when we go out

1. Go to a place which allows babies and also ensure it is not too crowded and loud. Though i want him to get familiar with outside environment but I don’t think he needs his dose of live music and bar crowd just right now. We prefer the little less crowded places. 

2. I remove all cutlery from his reach, as mentioned earlier. I also carry his spoon and sippy cup. The restaurant cutlery is sometikes heavy and not suitable for a child. 

3. Carry loads of wipes, and sanitiser of course is always in my bag. Wipe his hands down, wipe down everything around him as he may decide to pick it up and put it in his mouth. And sanitise our hands before eating. Though I will prefer washing hands anyday before sanitising. But sometimes it is not possible so much

4. We generally choose a seat which is a little secluded or in the corner and is confortable. So that he can jump around and we are at peace and can let him be him

5. Baby A loves spaghetti and noodles, so the 1st thing we order is that. Inask them to make it with very little seasoning and spices, most restaurants will oblige and prepare the dish as per your instructions. Ask them to make something simple which your baby likes. 

6. We put him on his high chair and let him eat on his own. It can be messy i agree but he surprises me with the way he handles his food. Awww moment there 

7. All the food we order is alway instructed to have less spices and no chilly. As baby A does end up tasting and eating our food.  And i let him eat whatever he likes. It is important to let hom explore new tastes. Continental food has a lot of grilled and steamed options and it is easier to feed it to baby A. He loves it.

8. I do not let him have outside water yet, not even mineral water. And carry his water.

9. I carry some of his fav snacks in my bag, just in case if he refuses all the food. A hungry baby will be hard to manage and you cant eat if he is hungry. So it is for emergencies, generally i carry , whole wheat biscuits or home made nimkins and a bottle of milk

9. A change of clothes for him and extra diapers. You need to be prepared just in case 😊

But as I was saying, the dinner scenes have changed a lot, both of us are busy entertaining the baby and don’t really get to talk that much. And the focus is also on feeding him. And then if he wants to get out of the high chair, which he does after some amount of time, then trying to eat with him squiggling in your lap is an effort worth an award. Well in those cases, we give in and put on a video for him 🙈🙊. Go ahead judge away, I don’t mind, We want to have our dinner in peace and this way we can, so there it is. I don’t mind a little bit of screen time, if it is the only way to keep him engaged at times when we are outside sitting at some place. 

This pic was taken when he fell asleep during dinner, he was tired after running around the mall. How do your evening scenes look like post a baby, have they changed? Do share any tips if you have to make the evenings smoother when going out with a kid. Would love to read some tips 😊

Review : Fun day spent at Garden Railway Theme Park : Neverenuf, Manesar, Gurgaon, India. 

Love trains? Love toys? Love magic?… here is a sneak peek into all the fun we had at #garden #railway #park , #Neverenuf, near #gurgaon . A magical world of beautiful mini castles, houses, trains, planes. Perfect #miniature models of another world. If you want to see more of this head out to my vlog, link is below. It shows you a world of small yet perfect rivers, streams, hills and plateaus, a fantasy land. A magical land, where our kids and also the kids inside of us, will both be lost. It was a dreamland, a perfect getaway, a wonderful storyland. There were fire trucks and firemen, a drive in movie theatre, an Irish castle, beautiful hills, calm rivers, cars, jeeps, ropeways and aeroplanes and lots and lots of model trains, of all shapes. Going toot toot and transporting us to a #neverland like place. .

I have done a video log this time, do check it out at the link below( link in bio too) and tell me what you think about it. Do leave your comments if you get the time to check out the video, and please share it if you like it. Loved the place, can’t wait to go again.

Open on : Weekends from 11:00 AM till dusk

Open to Preregistered guests only

Register on site :

Tickets : 575 Rs/ person ( includes tea/ coffee / cold drinks)

Outside food allowed

Directions : near Manesar, Gurgaon, India , follow the map on the site( not google map) 

Neverenuf Garden Railway





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