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What is in your bag today? Packing list of a toddler; by a toddler

Packing List of a Toddler: by a Toddler. This is what a toddler needs when he is running away. Yes, thats right, while all other mommies are giving some really nice tips and helping with lists of how to pack when going out with babies, I The average mom, bring it for you from a toddler’s perspective. So, baby A made a run for the door, again, (he really always is ready to go out and play and I want to just slouch on the sofa 😭). And this time he did not take his regular bag, which I carry when we go down to play, this time he decided to take charge of his own packing. So here is the bag that my 1.5 yrs old toddy packed on his own. Watch the video to see it. Turns out I have been making the wrong lists all this time 🙄.Hmm, now I know. 😂

On a more serious note, now baby A has adjusted really well to his day care routine, but, I can see a new pattern nowadays and that is of an increased amount of tantrums, once he is back. He gets really tantrumy when he is back and throws a couple of fits, for some time at least, like today he threw his water bottle right out of my hand and kept doing that whenever I picked it up. I have noticed that he is very happy when he comes out of his day care, he rushes at me laughing and for some time clings to me, which is natural, but once we are back home, he does get a bit fussy. Thiugh it lasts for a very small time, and I keep talking to him softly and ask him why is he getting angry or what is it that he needs, but he does surely is a bit fussy, for some time. I am wondering what is the reason for the same, all in all, he is pretty easy going and a loveable tyke. But off late the tantrums have started coming on. I am wondering is it the onset of the ‘terrible twos’? Please mommies tell me what do u think about this. Is it natural for a few tantrums to start at this age ? .






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Patience : Another lesson learnt through motherhood 

Motherhood teaches you many things, things you never knew you were capable of. It makes you realise how strong you are, yet so weak. It teaches you to be so organised, yet so care free. It teaches you to be so powerful, yet so overwhelmed. One thing that it definitely has taught me is patience. And it has come slowly, with each passing day. 

I was not as calm,composed & patient a person from day one, as I would have liked to be. In fact, it took me a lot of time to adjust and learn to be patient, and not to be stressed and frustrated with so many things happening around me, so many things which were out of my control, things around my life which I could not keep organised; try as I might. 
Truth is, as a new mom, it ended up making me frustrated and impatient very easily. I have always been a busy person, always trying to get out the most of my day. Always rushing and trying to keep myself one step ahead of my day. Trying to keep everything and all the things around me, as organised as possible. Suffice to say I was not a person who liked to waste time much. I did relax and unwind too, but was busier most of the times. And When you have a baby, the work increases ten fold. You have a hundred more things to do, and babies dont run as per timetables. Result is you are more stressed and loosing your shit within a year of new mommyhood. But then, right in the middle of your predicament, you learn to find peace, you learn to be patient and relax. The tiny, disorganised, pooping, spitting tot teaches you that, he teaches you to sit back and laugh at giggles for no reason, he teaches you to kiss away your blues, he teaches you to relax even when the world around you is not that perfect anymore, your clothes don’t fit anymore 🙄, your hair is never clean anymore. 
Baby A has taught me patience, I thought I was a patient person before, But, then again I also used to think I was tired before 😂, I had no bloody idea about the truth. It was him who taught me that it is ok to relax, ok to live in the giggles & tears, to stop and smell the roses in real. 
He is the one who has taught me that it is so important to stand at the window and just look out at the world, though it is the same everyday and yet learn to enjoy it and its mundane ways. So just stand at the window for some time, today, everyday. 

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