T for Tiara; #AtoZchallenge

The story has been published as part of my book available on Amazon


8 thoughts on “T for Tiara; #AtoZchallenge

  1. Very nicely done Smita, our society and its people sometimes have regressive mindset and even today they give importance to skin color!


    1. Cheryl Thanks for reading, my stories are about some of the issues we face in the society today. The obsession with fair skin specially for girls is there, though truly a lot has changed and definitely not many people care about a person’s skin colour any more but sadly in some people the bias still lives. Today, women have come a lot farther and thankfully men too, 😊, not everyone is shallow in their approach or thinking, but this is not completely gone either. Sadly the bias towards fair skin and a perfect body image still exists and it is more and more cultivated through the media and glamour industry. There are still instances wherein a girl is not easily married due to her dark skin colour but thankfully this evil is slowly being eradicated. 😊


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