Mommy Unstyled 

Messy bun and yoga pants, that is my style statement nowadays. And guess what, I like it. There is a reason why ‘moms’ adopt this style, coz it is smart, and easy. So to the younger me who was like ” I am never going to be the messy bun and leggings mama” “Girl !!! Weren’t you stupid 😂” When you are a mom, you realize the beauty of this style. It lets you run around a toddler who is always high, without worrying about your dress getting creased, it lets you walk out and get groceries at a minute’s notice from the shop downstairs. It lets you run down to the park when the toddler has had his nap and needs his exercise. 

Of course, Elegant flowy gowns are a thing of beauty, but not so much when my toddly hangs on its neckline and pulls it till it gets stretched beyond recognition. 

Of course I like the satin night gowns with frills, but i cant be bothered to change in and out of it everytime I have to go pick up my kid, or drop him, or go get veggies for his soup and dinner. 

Of course, i love to style and braid my hair, but my toddly thinks that yanking the pins forcefully out of mommy’s hair is the greatest 🙈. 

Of course I love my beautiful tops and blouses, but the tshirt can withstand many washes which are required thanks to the innumerable stains of mysterious origins that pop up on it. And frankly, I never iron these, just take it out and put it on 

And well in this hot weather having my hair high up is the only way i can survive. So shorts and tees and yoga pants and buns and ponytails are my staple styles. Dressing up is great but frankly it happens less frequently now. 

I mean face it, leggings and messy bun are there for a reason and that is because moms know how to do it right. 😆. Yay ! rocking my average mommying in my yoga pants. Do you mommas love the messy bun too? 






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