P for Purse #atozchallenge

Priya had been saving up for a beautiful purse like the other girls had. It will make her as stylish as them and they would finally accept her as one of them.


The story has been published as part of my book available on Amazon

5 thoughts on “P for Purse #atozchallenge

  1. Peer pressure can take its toll, especially with someone like Priya, who is comparing herself with others who probably come from affluent backgrounds. It’s good to be competitive and focused on achieving something but not being pressurized into doing something just to fit in.

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  2. I was hoping for a better ending for Priya where maybe she did find her purse or maybe she wouldn’t buy one and go for something more affordable. But I see the reason why you wrote it in this way.
    We aren’t ever secure with who we are, how we look, what we wear and what accessories we own. These years, we need to have better and bigger smart phones and cars and laptops and what not. Girls need to own the best make up possible. It never ends.
    I have never been a brand person. I dress from the point of view of comfort…comfy jeans and T, with comfy shoes, non branded bags and eyeglasses. Who cares!! People will judge no matter what. Isn’t there a song…”Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna”. My mom taught me to live by the principle: Simple living, high thinking. And I follow it to the T, but peer pressure is a bitch. (The “uski saree meri saree se safed kaise” dilemma, if you want to say in Hindi.. 😉 )

    Nice story, I liked it! Sometimes we need a lesson to learn, instead of an experience. Sorry I rambled alot, but I had a lot to say 🙂

    Have a look at this book review of 2016’s bestseller Psycho Thriller

    Readers of the Night

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    1. Pikakshi , you absolutely nailed what i wanted to say, but not indirectly. Will priya be happy really? Even if she finds her purse? Will she be accepted as she wants to be? No the race will continue for as you said for a more ‘safed’ saree. Truth is it never ends if we dont realize that peer pressure is a bitch and we aggravate it when we want to fit in, be accepted. We measure ourself with things we own and it is a never ending need. And the truth is at the end of the day, no one even knows whether you have a fake purse and a fake heart, still we run after it. Peer pressure is a reality for people like Priya who has an inherent need to be accepted and even for others. And finding the purse won’t solve it. Thanks for being so understanding and sharing your thoughts with me. It feels so great to connect and understand each other 😊

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  3. I totally understand what you are saying, and I am happier that I found you .. you do voice our dilemmas with clarity, precision and tastefully.
    My mom sent me to a bigger school (DPS) and we are from a decent middle class family. At DPS, there was always these rich kids groups, mean girls.. you name it, and it was there. In the beginning, I did struggle with these problems of feeling neglected, not getting accepted, but after a while, I realized these girls will never accept me because they will always have bigger cars and deeper pockets. I can’t change myself for that, so that was the end of it. I found a my-kind of crowd and just been living that way ever since.. by finding a my kind of crowd, coz bullies will be everywhere. We just need to decide whom to hang out with and whom we shouldnt let hurt out feelings 🙂

    Its nice talking to you!!


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