L for Lamp; #AtoZChallenge

Lalit was intrigued and fascinated by Vinay’s lamp. The small boy, had no such light in his life. It was his friend Vinay who would dust away some dirt and with it a whole lot of darkness.


The story has been published as part of my book available on Amazon

20 thoughts on “L for Lamp; #AtoZChallenge

  1. Another lovely story! Although I am not sure about the end. In real life, most parents of child labourers are difficult to convince. They end up blowing that money too. I really hope more parents do this. Also, I was able to identify with so many details like needing household help in a full family, the concerns of the hired help going AWOL after a vacation etc…

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    1. Thanks Lata, yes truth is i was on the fence about the ending for this one. But then I could not not light up the Lalit’s life, albeit in fiction. But i do hope that more people understand is child labour is child labour no matter what way you use it. Children are not supposed to work. Unless the educated ones understand this, what can we hope from the poor uneducated people ☹️

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    1. Thanks a lot Neha for your always kind words. Yes you are so right, after becoming a mommy the evilness of child labour has becomes ten times more manifold in my mind . Thanks for reading 😊


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