C is for Cat; #AtoZchallenge

Kush tiptoed silently into the house, he had a surprise he could not wait to show to his wife and daughter. He had no idea that surprise will open up a chapter he had never heard about before.


The story has been published as part of my book available on Amazon

36 thoughts on “C is for Cat; #AtoZchallenge

    1. Thanks a lot for the love, I am amateur here, just learning and I really need this motivation to carry on, it means the world to me that someone is reading my stories and likes them๐Ÿ˜


    1. Yes Namratha and it is something that we need to talk about specially in our country where anything related to ‘sex’ is still taboo but is around surely. It is our responsibility to talk about it


  1. Well written & expressed, Smita. I have a daughter and I feel jittery reading such things. There is a dangerous world out there & we parents need to arm our children with the knowledge of good & bad touch. Also, teaching them Karate or Taekwondo is also important in today’s time.

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  2. You have a gift for writing! You really do. Kudos to you for tackling this subject. We have all been there in one way or the other and only end up feeling dirty and ashamed when we we are not at fault. Sad, but true.

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