Mommy Confessions 117; One day Hot; 364 days NOT

Reality check on 1st day of the year.So, cleaned up and went out on NY’s eve. Looked good too. Come New year and am basking in the glory of compliments. GFs telling me I look hot, it made my day 😊😊😊.

Then comes the Amazon guy in the morning with a delivery package. While handing over the package, he asks me, with a raised eyebrow and a stern voice , ” You are Smita Sinha?!!!”

And I went, ” YES, 😠?!!!”

Clearly he was having his doubts about the person in front of him, in mismatched over sized PJs, dishevelled hair sticking out at odd angles, and said person clearly in need of a wash and some clean clothes. He didn’t think I could be capable of shopping, let alone online shopping. 

And no, hadn’t ordered clothes either, just plain old groceries.

I am not exaggerating, I wish I was though. 

Mehh.. So, that’s motherhood for me in a nutshell; One day HOT 364 days NOT…


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