Mommy Confessions nfessions 112

Was watching Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and in the Turandot Opera scene, Benji Dunn flashes a theatre light directly on Ilsa Faust when she is aiming to shoot at him from a high tower and thus reveals her position. What amazes me though is, how the hell did Benji know which switch to hit exactly in that big theatre lighting control panel? Dang ! Does he do dusting there daily? 

And Here I am, I still fumble and turn on all the switches before hitting the right one in my home. And I have been living in this house since 15 days already. Guess I should be watching less TV and eating some almonds and stuff… #toddler  #mom #momlife #baby #cute #raisingaarash #mommyblogger #babyboy #childhoodunplugged #parenting stories #parenting #motherhood #toddlerlife #raisingatoddler 


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