Mommy confessions 102  : Parenting stories

Trying to be a good parent; Me Vs Hub :
Me : is this bowl BPA free? Does this toy have no synthetic colours, detachable small parts, choking hazards? Is this body lotion non- toxic, paraben free, fragrance – free, non- comedogenic, non- carcinogenic, comes recommended by all the mommy groups I am part of? Can I google this food group and do research on this as if I am working for the FBI? Is the sole of this shoe certified by international standards and is physiologically suited for baby’s feet? Can I please read all available blogs, reports, documents, research datas, medical findings, recommendations and all possible view points available on babies and parenting styles before buying this spoon?
Hub : Adore little baby, pick up said baby, throw baby in air, aim to catch the super excited tyke, all the while not caring that my wife is on the brink of getting a cardiac arrest, just by watching me 😊
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